AdZero's Bamboo Phone and the Mystery Blonde

This bamboo concept phone from ADzero looks pretty classy, and there's a nice story behind its genesis as documented in this video from Middlesex University.

Intrigued, we looked further and found this high-res Photo Gallery on Adzero's website.

However close examination of the photos had us a bit puzzled, sure enough there is the dark bamboo model that Kieron-Scott Woodhouse (the concept's designer) can be seen using in various parts of the video. But there is also a second "blonde" model which just looks to be a non-functional mockup. It doesn't have any visible inputs while the dark model has a mini-usb and what looks like a headphone jack, and the blonde model has a few clumsy looking black buttons, which are strategically blurred or obscured in the photos. Also at one point in the video, Kieron is wielding this mysterious blonde but the screen isn't illuminated, unlike the darker model which is consistently shown actually functioning.

If anyone can shed any light on this mystery blonde (which might just be a piece of bamboo with some glass stuck on it) please get in touch with us, @QuintessentCool on Twitter.

In any case, Kieron has created a beautiful design. All the more so when you consider how bulky some iPhone Bamboo Cases are. He's obviously pandaring (see what we did there) to the more discerning end of the Android market.

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