Amazon Kindle 4

There are numerous comprehensive comparisons of the Kindle range, such as this excellent roundup by Marco Arment so without rehashing any of that we'll cut to the chase and tell you to do as Marco says and just get the base model $79 Kindle 4. Here's our reasons:

  • eInk is awesome for reading, it's so crisp it looks fake
  • It's light enough to hold effortlessly in one hand for hours of immersive reading (we love our iPads but the Kindle 4 is a far superior eReader)
  • It is actually small enough to fit in the front pocket of your 501s, but please don't be silly, do this only when you are taking it along to the cafe for a brief jaunt, it's not the sort of thing you carry around with you all day long
  • The page turn buttons are in exactly the right position, no matter which way you hold the thing you always seem to end up having your thumb or finger resting on a button.
  • Marco is a bit critical of the cheap feel and action of the buttons but we find them to be just right, we rarely make an accidental click and haven't experienced any skin pinching

"Surely" you might ask "isn't the Kindle Touch better? It has touch! Touch beats button right?" Wrong. The Kindle Touch is prone to accidental touch events from any inanimate object that comes into contact with your screen (e.g. a sheet or edge of a pillow), you also have to move your thumb over the screen to initiate a touch and the responsiveness of the interface is strangely slower than the base model Kindle 4.

"OK then, surely the Kindle Fire is the better eReader? It's the premium Kindle, top of the line!" Wrong, just wrong.

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