And if a double-decker bus… Crashes into us

Please, Please, Please - A Tribute to The Smiths starts out with an energetic version of Panic by Kitten, which doesn't wander too far from The Smiths own style, making it a gentle introduction to this compilation, especially for diehard Smith fans[1] who may be sensitive to any mishandling of Morrissey's precious material.

They needn't worry though as the album continues with outstanding performances throughout; William Fitzsimmons gives a tender rendition of the title track, The Wedding Present deliver a satisfyingly thrashy Hand In Glove[2] and Sara Lov is a (new to us) revelation with her take on Well I Wonder.

Shoplifters of the World Unite by Tanya Donelly is hauntingly slowed down to good effect, as is There is a Light That Never Goes Out by Trespassers William, a bold move to fuck with such an iconic track, but it works.

Speaking of bold, opinions are sure to be divided by Mike Viola's treatment of the distinctive vibrato guitar chord from How Soon is Now, possibly Johnny Marr's most enduring sonic legacy. Viola's version features a more orchestral sound that lacks the edginess of the original, but engages the listener on a different level. If challenged on his interpretation, you might hope Viola would insolently hiss: "You shut your mouth... how can you say... I go about things the wrong way", you know the rest...

  1. Correct nomenclature... MozArmy?
  2. Incidentally the cover features a photo of Sandie Shaw who also covered Hand In Glove in 1984
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