Michael Commerford Gallery

Sporting a handsome new front awning that is clearly visible to motorists making the winding climb up New South Head Road toward Edgecliff is the Michael Commerford Gallery. The display window typically plays host to a huge canvas depicting a simple, lovingly rendered portrait of an animal, often a giraffe, sometimes an elephant or cow, even the occasional human. In a corner of the painting is a special treat: a short poem composed by the artist in homage to the subject and written in his own childlike, uneven hand. That artist is Vayu and his works are available exclusively from the Michael Commerford Gallery.

Inside are dozens of original Vayu paintings created in his signature style: a sterile white gesso'd canvas contrasting the sudden outline of a hauntingly tender animal portrait. Vayu's subjects exhibit a sparkling translucence created through the application of hundreds of thin oil washes. Through these layers of paint you can often make out the underlying linework which adds a certain deconstructed charm. And then there's the poetry, all Vayu's pieces are effectively two complementry works of art; the painting and the poem, both enhancing the other's beauty.

You can't help but admire Vayu's dedication to this method and his mastery of it.

Also available are numerous prints of Vayu's works as well as some fabulous light installations by Reni Kung, and extraordinary sculptures constructed from cast off vehicle parts created by James Corbett. More on those another day.

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