(Quintessential) Duck Egg Blue

At Quintessential Cool we have a special affinity for anyone who also uses the word Quintessential in their brand, such is the case with Quintessential Duck Egg Blue. Sometimes they leave off the quintessential part, I'm not sure why, perhaps some of their products are merely essential? In any case, we think they're pretty special.

What is particularly impressive about their Darling St store is the obvious painstaking effort that goes into the ever changing arrangement of the wonderful assortment of pieces on offer, especially in the display window. They always manage to showcase each item in a way that inspires immediate onset of retail lust.

You can't help but admire such dedication and attention to detail, but it's plain to see that they do it because it pleases them, and in turn it pleases their customers, and that is a great way to run a business.

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