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    Vampt Vintage Design

    Vampt Vintage Design

    Vampt imports and restores vintage furniture featuring classic forms from some of the 20th century's most celebrated designers from Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Holland.

    One of the delights of visiting their spacious Surry Hills showroom is that the friendly shop assistants are a rich source of facts about the history and pedigree of many of the pieces on offer.

    Some of us at Quintessential Cool grew up in homes in 70s Australia that featured exactly this style of furniture, for a brief but glorious period back then it was chic but the plain angular lines of these pieces somehow aged poorly and took on a banal drabness in later decades. Thankfully a new generation has developed a taste for these classic designs and they've experienced a recent surge in popularity as a result.

    Vampt's diverse range of furniture, lighting and homewares is a retro dream.

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