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    Wind-up Double-A Battery

    Wind-up Double-A Battery

    This is definitely one to add to your Bug-Out-Bag in preparation for the apocalypse.

    The imaginatively named "Charge Battery" is a collaboration by South Korean designers Hwang Yeon Gyeong, Kang Myeong Ho, Choe Jeong Ju and Jin Jun Ho. It stores electrical energy from the mechanical energy you apply to it through the winding of a spring by twisting it's casing.

    Charge Battery

    For an innovation in the field of Energy there is a refreshing lack of psuedo-scientific claims about the Charge Battery's capabilities and the science behind it seems sound. It's similar to a child's wind-up car in that the mechanical energy from the winding stores potential energy in a spring in the lower section of the battery, but then rather than drive the wheels of a car, the spring drives the shaft in a generator to charge a small rechargeable Ni-mH battery in the upper section.

    It doesn't appear to be commercially produced yet and there is little information about the battery life but it's certainly an exciting concept and an award winning design.

    (via Red-Dot)

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