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  • 24th

    Mast Brothers Craft Chocolate

    Mast Brothers Craft Chocolate

    The Mast Brothers1 are the world's best Chocolate Makers in the category of men with beards measuring in excess of 10 inches.

    Warning: If you are a sufferer of Pogonophobia (fear of beards) a visit to their wondrous bean-to-bar chocolate factory in Brooklyn may induce breathlessness, excessive sweating, heart palpitations and an inability to speak or think clearly.

    Warning: For lovers of high quality craft chocolate you may experience breathlessness, excessive sweating, increased heart rate and an inability to speak or think clearly.

    In either case, we recommend immediate consumption of 1 handmade, custom wrapped almond and sea salt Fleur de sel chocolate bar2.

    1. The image above was captured from an excellent short film by The Scout. There is a special moment at 3m50s when the brothers don beard nets - must see.
    2. Recommendation is not actual medical advice!

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