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    Slaughterhouse-Five Audiobook & Free Wallpaper

    Slaughterhouse-Five Audiobook & Free Wallpaper

    DOWNLOAD the free "So-it-goes" Wallpaper

    For the uninitiated Vonnegut comes as a bit of a shock. Slaughterhouse Five is at once glib, tragic, humane, absurd and sharply satirical, but above all else it is essential reading.

    We were skeptical of Ethan Hawke as the voice talent for this audiobook, he just doesn't seem badass enough for Vonnegut, but it turns out badass isn't what was called for at all. Hawke's soft, almost whispered, performance is just perfect. There's a soothing tempo to his reading which lends a poetic quality to the prose. If you've only ever read the dead-tree form of this classic, we encourage you to try the audiobook as well, it's the most immersive way to enjoy it1.

    If you've never experienced this book before you're in for a treat, this is the quintessential Vonnegut2.

    As testament to our respect for this book, our art department has put together this FREE So-It-Goes desktop wallpaper3. Enjoy... and share it around!

    1. Sadly the same can't be said for the 1972 movie version by the otherwise competent (sometimes brilliant) George Roy Hill. So it goes...
    2. After being suitably impressed by Slaughterhouse-Five you shall be wanting to move right along to Cat's Cradle, followed soon thereafter by Breakfast of Champions. You're welcome.
    3. Yes, the skyline depicted in the wallpaper is based on a genuine circa 1945 photo of Dresden

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