XD Design Solar Window Charger

XD Design (formerly XD Modo[1]) design some beautiful products which generate all sorts of online buzz, but in the past (as XD Modo) their products were primarily distributed through wholesale channels which made it somewhat difficult for the average consumer to obtain them. Wholesale is still a large part of their business, but there is good news now for consumers with XD Design's new website www.xddesign.eu where you can browse their online catalogue and find retail outlets throughout the UK and Europe that stock their products.

You might like this beautiful solar charger (pictured above) which can stick to your window and charge your iPhone and many other gadgets that draw power over USB. It contains a rechargeable battery so it's not directly transferring the solar energy to your gadget, it stores the charge for immediate or later use. It can take up to 13 hours to fully charge the internal battery from sunlight, but if you're in a hurry it can quickly juice up from mains power through a mini USB input. To top it off its 11x11cm footprint makes it almost pocket sized - ideal for travellers.

Find more info at XD Design, or buy it on Amazon. Also check out their new "Solar Tree", it's very cute, we may write about it soon.

  1. Please note: we had previously published an article expressing our frustration with certain aspects of the old XD Modo website which (at this time of writing) is still live. XD Design however were very gracious in contacting us to let us know about their new site which addresses many of the concerns we had raised. They're a classy bunch of guys.
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